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        Company Goal: to be a pioneer in tools industry
        Company Concept: Value arise from Service
        Company Style:
        Understand and respect each other, be diligence and lowly heart, be brief and effective, and after the goal directly.

        The Key Value of company: Service and Innovation

        Core Competitiveness of Company
        ¢ÙExclusive management mode
        It is known that every procedure of the production of a screwdriver is done by oneself under traditional mode, but, we, TOOLUX Sanding, depending on our management and aiming at profession and specialty, we have broke the habit already. TOOLUX has adjusted the mode of integrating technology developing and production boldly and legitimately, TOOLUX invest in self researching and development heavily, meanwhile we have raised some important members into main suppliers, and go on developing their potential abilities and making them to be exclusive reliable business partners, to form a invisible group around us in order to share with the technology and guests and fly to the future together.
        Using this mode, on one hand it reduces the burden and cost of company¡¯s daily management, while the other important advantage is that this mode provides the members and suppliers better development opportunities and wider space in market, on the contrary it also helps company to work better and promote to bigger market, gradually transform TOOLUX from a manufacturer to a service provider.

        ¢ÚCreative design and Development.
        At present, most traditional industries are following this method ¡°Innovation after Copying¡±, while we have abandoned this tradition, we¡¯ve been reborn to the type of ¡°Market after innovation¡±, namely we depend on the our design and development and high-technology products which lead the consumption market.
        For the above purpose, we had set the independent R&D centre, and this centre consisted of three parts: one part charges for the Technological Process Structure, located in Shengzhou City, the other two parts charge for Shape Molding Design and this part mainly keeps an eye on Fashion and Mainstream Trend, based in Hangzhou and Shanghai, by touching the advancing front of the world and most popular concepts to create and produce more and better diversified Brand New Items.

       ¢Û Exclusive Service Concept
        For the external customers (refer to Final consumers and retailers), in 2007 company had established Customers Service Department and draw up related Sales Service Regulation. The concept of partnership sales was raised. Tooluxsters serve the customers and Toolux with this concept, with the concept of Value raised from Service, to achieve the company goal step by step: to be a pioneer in tools industry.
        For the internal customers (refer to the relationship between company and supplier, between departments, between employees), we regard 3C as the key service concept between internal customers, namely they are CARE, COOPERATION and COMMUNICATION.

       ¢Ü We always have the faith: service without block, innovation beyond the sky.
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