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Toolux Launched in Alternext
Time:2008-12-24  >>Back
23rd December 2008, that's a great date for Toolux Sanding, this name is listing in Alternext Paris, please check it out with the address:
We, Toolux, as a household products supplier, are feeling so honored to be listing in European Market. We want to thank ALLEGRA FINANCE, ALLBRIGHT, TAYLER WESSING, PVALUE, ROTHSCHIRLD LUXEMBOURG and lots of partners in France and China, it is a pleasure for us to work with this great TEAM, thank you all so much, without your excellent supports and without this favorite date, we really appreciate everything from you.
Christmas Day is closing, we think it is a really good signal that at the end of 2008 and before Christmas Toolux managed to be listing in Europe stock Market Euronext, definitely how Bright the future would be!
Our new website will launch in a very near future, please pay your attention.
Merry Christmas!


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