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Declaration of Logo modification
Time:2009-6-11  >>Back

Declaration of Logo modification

We state hereby:

In order to improve the image of the company, to meet the shape and centre meaning of Ding* (Tripod) at the better manner, meanwhile to follow the long-term strategy program of the company and to improve the business stably, Toolux Sanding SA has modified the logo since June 6th 2009.

The original logo of Toolux Sanding SA is and modified into this present logo.

The modified logo of Toolux Sanding SA is protected under the law and regulation of P. R. China, anybody at any places can not use the logo unless Toolux Sanding SA has issued related body authorization in writing.


*In traditional culture of China, Ding (Tripod), as the top king among all the vessels, due to her top stability, top hardness and top honor Ding standing with three legs (normally) is always being the holy bronze vessel which is respected by Chinese people for thousands of years.